2020 Partnership Survey Results

Thank you to all who completed our 2020 Partnership Survey.  Below is a breakdown of the results:

1. How many Career Pathways meetings did you attend within the past year?

Nearly half of respondents attended 1-2 meetings, with most other respondents reporting attending 3 or more meetings.

2. Which benefits do you find from your participation in partnership meetings? (top answers)

Discovering resources for opportunity and collaboration (83%)

Information about pathways initiatives (73%)

Networking & Learning Best Practices from other partners (40% each)

3. Topics I would like to see covered in future partnership meetings include… (top answers)

Employer Perspectives & Sharing Best Practices (73% each)

CTE Updates (60%)

Community College updates (57%)

4. How many Career Pathways meetings should we hold each year?

Quarterly (54%)

*There were several comments about adding a virtual component even when we can meet in person

5.  We have 4 pathways now in our region. What other pathways would you like to explore?

Hospitality and Tourism (57%)

Education (54%)

Aviation  (21%)

6.  What are your thoughts on local implementation? (selected comments)

“Reach students through parents/guardians, community leaders/mentors & teachers. Jobseekers need to update/retool to meet/exceed competitive markets standards based on current employer requirements..”

“There needs to be a reason for having the certification- we have them all and willingly work with everyone but I have not seen any difference in the economic world. We need to figure out a way to push/market that a school has the pathway and it is making a difference for employers and employees.”

“If pathways are not implemented locally I don’t see the point. It’s very important and shows our commitment to the program and our students.”

“I support implementation of the pathways locally. Personal/face-to-face meetings, along with presentations about the information, can be effective. Representation at school sponsored events is important as well as educating Academic Advisors at the high schools and community college(s). Researching and knowing the popular “tools” job seekers utilize in searching for jobs and somehow incorporating the information with those “tools” can help. In regards to potential partners, possibly meeting with the local Chamber of Commerce and local government agencies to present information and discuss creative ways to promote at the local level.”

“Students and parents don’t know about these pathways. Market these pathways via TV commercials, billboards, etc…..spread the word, show how these pathways can benefit students.”

“When I look at the NENC website at the pathways, for local implementation I only see college’s listed. Perhaps something bringing alignment between the high schools to make a more seamless transition between high school and the community college career pathways. Perhaps starting the introduction of the career pathways in high school?”

“Have more local training with NCWorks staff and partners on how to use the data, especially career ladders. More collaboration with training providers and employers on connecting customers with careers.”

7. Which partnership resources do you use?  (top answers)

Traitify & Newsletter/Social Media (70% each)

Website (67%)

8. How do you receive information about the Career Pathways partnership? (top answers)

Newsletter/Emails (97%)

Meetings (60%)

Website (50%)

9. How do you share information about the Career Pathways partnership? (top answers)

Emails (80%)

Staff Meetings (63%)

Word of Mouth (53%)

10. Suggestions for the future (selected comments)

“I would like to see stronger connections between K-12 systems, colleges, and employers/employment groups. Having a stronger vision and participation between those groups will make the pathways stronger and implementation easier.”

“At this time, I would like to see partnerships established within our local area. Getting local business such as financial institutions and health departments involved to provide support.”

“I think we need to promote career pathways all the time. There are so many out there that are not wanting to go to a four-year college and these folks need to know that there are alternatives. There is a lot of money to be make in the trades and we needs the trades to stay alive and well in out communities.”

“I think of youth and talking with them at a relatively young age about career and education interests. I presume discussions between school counselors and students begin in 8th grade and continue through high school to help develop a path or map to success. Providing information to students in school and sparking their interest at an early stage about future or high demand jobs/careers would be helpful. I am wondering also if there is a way to somehow connect with LinkedIn, Indeed and other job search or networking channels.”

“Inform and educate all stakeholders including not only CTE but school guidance counselors. These educators develop relationships with students. They are the ones to help market the pathways.”