2021 Pathway Review

We had a great meeting to discuss updates to our pathway resources. If you have not already, please be sure to review the templates and other pathway resources below for which you might have information to include. Notify Brandi (brandi.bragg@nencpathways.org)  if you have updates or suggestions! Watch a recording of the meeting below.

Recording of 2021 Pathway Review Meeting: https://vimeo.com/517311754

Agenda – 2021 Pathway Review


Health Care

2021 update Health Science–biotechnology research and development

2021 update Health Science-Medical Office Administration

2021 update Health Science–Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services

*Visit http://nencpathways.org/health-sciences/ to view the web page for Health Care.


Business Support Services

2021 update BSS Business Administration

2021 update BSS Business Information Technology

2021 update BSS Logistics and Distribution

*Visit http://nencpathways.org/business-support-services/ to view the web page for Business Support Services.



2021 Update Agribusiness Pathway

2021 update Agricultural Research and Biotechnology Pathway

*Visit http://nencpathways.org/agriscience-biotechnology/ to view the web page for Agriscience/Biotechnology


Advanced Manufacturing

02.2021 update Manufacturing Production Maintenance Installation & Repair (4.10)

2021 update STEM Engineering and Technology (4.10)

*Visit http://nencpathways.org/advanced-manufacturing/ to view the web page for Advanced Manufacturing