Health Sciences

Healthcare is becoming one of the largest and fastest growing industries in North Carolina and the United States. As the population ages there is an increasing need for good, qualified healthcare professionals. Advances in healthcare technology make the field even broader.

Northeastern North Carolina has consistently been a leader within the state for certifying pathways, the second of which was healthcare. Through meetings between educators, workforce development professionals and industry employers, healthcare pathways for students and displaced adults have been identified and clarified.

Counselors in schools, colleges and NC Works centers have been trained to assist individuals with creating their own journey through their chosen pathway, specific to their personal interests and circumstances. Choose from the menu below to learn more about this field in Northeastern North Carolina and visit to find your next career!

Pathway Planning Report

Health Care Planning Committee Report


  1. Therapeutic and Diagnostic Services
  2. Medical Office Administration
  3. Biotechnology Research and Development

Career Examples

Dental Assistant
Medical Assistant
Medical Insurance
Forensic Scientist
Massage Therapist
Pharmacy Tech
Medical Billing
Clinical Technician
Medical Assistant
Dental Hygienist
Radiologic Technologist
Records Management
Process Engineer
Nanotechnology specialist