Partner Liaison Meeting Recap

We had a great meeting yesterday of NENC Career Pathways liaisons from CTE, Colleges & Universities and NCWorks Career Centers.  This meeting focused on local implementation, so the group was divided by workforce board area.  See below for the powerpoint which includes slides from the speakers.

Duna Dickinson, NCWorks Outreach Coordinator for Turning Point WDB, discussed local implementation successes and best practices.  Her focus is on building local implementation partnerships in her area and submitting applications for certification.  Currently, the Halifax CC area has submitted an application for Health Care Local Implementation which is currently under review.  She is also working with the Edgecombe Community College area on their application for certification of Advanced Manufacturing.

Susan Moore, Employability Skills Alignment Project Coordinator, and Wil Van der Meulen (Nash CC) shared information about the project. This project focuses on soft skills ranked by employers through a survey conducted last year. This is a FREE soft skills training program, which is mostly computer based and self-paced.  We were able to see a sneak peak of one of the modules, which was quite impressive!  The system is set to go live on July 1.  Susan asked me to share these videos about the project:

ESAP Video Short Version:
ESAP Video Long Version:

Christy Harris, RAMP East Recruiter, shared updates about the AMI (Advanced Manufacturing Institute) which will prepare workers for careers in advanced manufacturing, and will be offered at 8 of our area community colleges.  Christy and Angie Jenkins (RAMP East Recruiter) are attending career fairs and speaking with high school students about the great opportunities available in our area.  They have created a newsletter to keep job seekers (and those who work with students/jobseekers) up to date. Email Christy ( to subscribe.

Also below are the handouts, including Traitify Plus, which will soon be offered as a training for people who want to use Traitify for more in-depth career counseling.  Stay tuned for announcements of training dates/locations.

Future of NENC CP includes ideas for focus areas for our partnership next year. During our discussions, there were a few suggestions and other thoughts (below).  If you have suggestions, please email to Brandi by July 15, 2019.

  1. Hold some meetings via webinar
  2. Add to newsletter: Calendar, Links List
  3. Need to work on transportation for rural areas (here is a link to the website Wil mentioned
  4. Share more regional news, like best practices
  5. Work on changing mindset of employers and parents
  6. Suggestion for resume building resource: WorkHands (
  7. Have Local Implementation teams plan agendas together and share the agenda when the invitation is sent
  8. Reinforce the need for CTE as opportunity for career exploration and certification
  9. Look at data on retention rates for students with AA who enroll in universities
  10. Encourage DPI to consider CTE and CCP courses more equal

Lastly, included below are worksheets that can be used to work with students and/or job seekers (both Duna and Brandi mentioned these.)  We have them customized to each NCWorks Center area. Email Brandi if you want an electronic copy.  We will work on getting these added to the website for easy download.

Agenda – Partner Liaison Meeting 6.19.19

Traitify Plus  

Future of NENC CP