News about Traitify

August 25, 2021


Dear Partners,

Over the past four years, we have been happy to promote and provide use of Traitify for everyone in our twenty-county region. Many of our CTE partners have been instrumental in providing cost-sharing to maintain our contract with Traitify, which allows for widespread usage across our region. Unfortunately, the three Workforce Development Boards and many of the CTE Departments in our region have recently faced budget cuts that do not allow them to continue to contribute at the same levels as in the past.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Monster, the parent company for Traitify, is allowing us to continue using this assessment for the entire region for 2021-2022 at a reduced cost.  This means that we are able to continue sharing this assessment with partners throughout the region utilizing only the funds already contributed by our cost-sharing partners for this year.

However, with the funding cuts for our partners and the understanding that our fee for usage will increase again next year, this leaves us with difficult decisions to be made.  Currently, the only option we have identified is to reduce the number of users to cover only the partners who are able to contribute to the overall cost of Traitify for 2022-2023.

While we know that this may place a burden on partners who do not have the capability to cost-share, we also recognize that our current cost-sharing partners are unable to meet the required amount needed to provide full regional coverage after 2022.

We wanted to provide ample time for our partners to adjust to this change, and to hear from you any ideas you might have for fund-raising to maintain this tool for all of our partners in the region regardless of ability to contribute.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions you might have to help us address this issue. We greatly appreciate your continued partnership and thank you for all that you contribute to our region.




Brandi Bragg

Career Pathways Facilitator