Networking Redesigned – Pitt County

Networking Redesigned was held on August 29, 2019 at Pitt Community College. This event can be duplicated in other counties and will be continued in Pitt County at least once per year. If you are interested in planning an event in your area, please contact

Below is an excerpt from the Press Release for the event:

“Networking Redesigned” was developed to encourage collaboration and resource sharing within the local community. Interactive strategies will be used to increase engagement and gauge understanding.

The purposes of this event are to promote interaction and partnerships within the Pitt County Community, help reduce duplicated efforts among our partners, increase awareness of available resources and services for our clientele, and finally, develop a model that other regions and communities can use to promote these same goals.

Below are the powerpoint introductions from the Pitt County event as well as a picture slideshow. We will update with other items as they become available.

Powerpoint Introductions (updated 9.11.19)
Networking Redesigned PPT

Picture Slideshow from Scavenger Hunt
Pics of Networking Scavenger Hunt