March 2020 College Partners Meeting – Recap

College Partners 03.11.2020 Meeting Agenda

Spring College Partners – March 2020 (PPT)


Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our College Partners Meeting on March 11th.  Even with the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 declarations, we were happy to have an engaged audience and the opportunity to share information face-to-face.

We began the meeting with updates, including some “cherry-picked” data to show off our successes via the 2018-2019 metrics.  You can see in the attached PowerPoint the data that was covered. To see the entire Metrics report, click here.


I am still working with the North Carolina PAYA core team, focused on increasing awareness around youth apprenticeship and building opportunities (especially in agriculture) here in the northeast.  We were scheduled to meet in Wanchese on Friday, March 20, but will now meet virtually.  In our region, Dr. Standafer and I have met with Beaufort County Community College to discuss their “Apprenticeship Beaufort” program. They currently have several students engaged in apprenticeship, mostly in Advanced Manufacturing. However, they are working with a board member, who is also a local farmer, to introduce agricultural opportunities.  Dr. Standafer and I have also met with Duna Dickinson  (Turning Point WDB) to start the process of building interest in that part of the region for youth apprenticeship.  During the meeting, representatives from Pitt Community College announced that they are also working on youth apprenticeship opportunities.  If other colleges are interested, reach out to me and I will be happy to connect you with Dr. Standafer.

I have also been working with Edna Wallace (RTI) on a statewide teacher pathway.  We met with superintendents from the northeast, along with their HR directors, for a needs analysis.  One of the things that struck me during this meeting was their willingness to work regionally to solve problems. For example, many of them expressed a willingness to pool together for bus driver training. Also for industry specific positions like CTE teachers.  Edna is currently working with many of these districts to apply for grant funding so that they can create opportunities for teacher promotion without going into administration. This could create “master” teachers for different subjects, who could then assist teachers under them with instruction and other items.  Our goal is to eventually help students and jobseekers visualize the career pathways in education, much like we’ve done for our other areas.

Also provided updates on our work with MyFutureNC, specifically in the Credentials of Value subcommittee.  We are working to address how we might gather data from employers regarding the credentials they want to see in their applicants.  We will be doing this state-wide and compiling the data in order to identify which credentials we will count towards the goal.  Ideally, once we have identified the credentials, we hope to have a system for collecting and reporting this data. This is particularly exciting since we currently have few options for gathering accurate data around industry credentials.

Working with CFNC, Beaufort County Schools, Beaufort County Community College and Rivers East WDB, we’ve developed a pilot project to identify how we can better reach parents with information important for the career readiness of their children. We attempted in person meetings, but they were not well-received. We currently have a brief online survey that we hope you will share with others. The survey will be live through March 31.  Once we receive and analyze the data, we will share the information broadly.

I also updated on plans for the 6th Annual Guidance Retreat, which has since been cancelled due to travel restrictions.


Our first guest speaker was Lita Ward, from University of Mount Olive satellite office in Washington. See below for points she shared (thanks to Christy Harris for capturing notes). You can contact Ms. Ward for more information:

Lita P. Ward , Regional Director

P: 252-940-0146 | UMO EXT: 4202

University of Mount Olive

4525 US HWY 264 W|Washington, NC 27889


  • Tuition Scholarship Program (10-30% off through businesses)
  • 125 including CC’s participating
  • 10% for part time, 30% for full time
  • Grad and undergrad
  • For anyone employed with local business
  • Online programs (8 locations for meetings)
  • Ward will meet with agency to get them signed up, sign MOU for 3 years, can use as part of their packages, asked to share info with workers, at no cost
  • Support for those with tech needs on sites (M-Th 8-6, F 8-5)
  • Traditional campus is still located in Mount Olive

Our next speaker was Roxana White with Telamon. She shared information about how we can work together and who Telamon is able to help. For more information, please contact Ms. White:

Roxana V. White, MA Public Policy & Programs

NC02/Ahoskie Field Office Supervisor

Employment and Training

Telamon Corporation

422 West Main Street
Ahoskie, NC 27910

Phone: 252-332-1910

Cell: 252-370-6044

Fax: 252-209-6123



  • Non-profit organization, around for 55 years, purpose is to partner and share info
  • Employment and training for farmworkers and spouses and dependents to transition to improve quality of life
  • Located in Ahoskie, hub is Raleigh
  • Housing and financial literacy, OJT
  • Meet clients at public places
  • Remember farming includes hogs, chickens, nursery
  • If they have done farm work in last 24 months and if farm work income is below guideline (selective service registered), they can offer dual services.
  • Youth program 16-24 and adult programs
  • Occupational skills training after pre-evaluation services
  • Pays stipend $50-150 to help if they attend 12 hours/week
  • Pay for trainings (all costs/all programs)
  • OJT reimburse up to 75%
  • Supportive services (housing, transportation, utilities)
  • Offices in Wilson area, Dunn, Whiteville, Lumberton, Clayton, Kingston, Ahoskie
  • Can even work with local farmers
  • Must be documented

Finally, we heard from Christy Harris regarding RAMP East updates. She challenged us to give an “elevator speech” about RAMP East. She also asked for help with marketing strategies for specific groups:

  • Unemployed- no job currently (old and young, non-English speaker, recently incarcerated)
  • Underemployed (young and old)
  • Veterans (young and old)


Then we discussed issues that attendees may have experienced or heard about regarding why participation in Advanced Manufacturing Academy (AMI) has not increased. Below are some of the reasons shared:

  • CRC issues,
  • not all CCs have tuition money,
  • NCWorks paperwork,
  • want a job now,
  • what is manufacturing,
  • need videos for industry/photos,
  • giving success and info up front,
  • importance of knowing options and own aptitudes

Please contact Christy if you have suggestions or thoughts on this:

Christina Harris

RAMP East Recruiter for Rivers East




As a group, we shared several success stories to show how our work is helping people, and encouraging them to find their pathways to success.  We also discussed the Pathway Review, which was noted it would need to be scheduled after Perkins V plans were approved in May (*this may change due to the current COVID-19 situation).  I also floated the idea of utilizing our June meeting as a “showcase” by giving partners 10 minute slots to share innovative ideas and solutions they have championed (i.e. Tradesformers, Real World, etc.) Again, this will now depend on the current situation. Lastly, we talked about plans for our partnership in 2020-2021.  The plan is to create a survey to send out in May or June to learn about the direction partners want to take with our work in the future.

Thank you to all our partners for the things you do to promote and encourage career readiness and career pathways in our communities.