2019-2020 Metrics

Thank you to all of our partners who gather and report data each year. It is often a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process, but your effort is greatly appreciated! Thanks to their work, we are able to show enormous progress over the past 8 years in our work around career pathways for northeastern NC.  Below is a graphic which provides a visual for our progress over time. You will also find a link to our collective data results for each year since we began collecting in 2013-2014. I’ve also included the MyFutureNC data for our 20 counties, which includes a lot of useful information, for your convenience. Thank you to all of our partners who continue to work towards greater economic and educational success for our communities!

Collective Metrics 2019-2020

NENC – MFNC_County_Attainment_Profile_Data_Summary