2017-2018 Metrics Reports

See below for PDFs of our regional metrics summaries for the 2017-2018 year.  You can also click on the “Metrics” tab on the main page. Metrics collection is an important piece of our partnership, as the combined metrics show areas where we have improved and areas where there may be opportunities for improvement.

Our current methods of metrics collection is both cumbersome and outdated. If you are interested in serving on a committee to work on updating our methods, please email Brandi at brandi.bragg@nencpathways.org by 4/10/19.

A huge THANK YOU to all who worked to collect metrics for this year and in the past. Your persistence and dedication is greatly appreciated. We hope to continue using our compiled metrics to not only show growth in our region but to help us qualify for funds to continue our mission.

Advanced Manufacturing Metrics 2017-2018
Agriscience - Biotechnology Metrics 2017-2018
Business Support Services Metrics 2017-2018
Health Care Metrics 2017-2018